I made a windows.inc file that has ALL the
Constants and structs in it from the MSDN
and I mean ALL, but I got stupid and put
everything in Alphabetical order, so some
things are declared before others and it
won't compile right.

Sence everything is in this file, how can
I fix it?? the file is OVER 2.MB is size and
there is alot to move around to get it to
work right, you can have it, and please
give me a copy if you are able to fix it.

I wanted to get this Windows.inc file
done and suprize Hutch with it so that
maybe he could add it to the Masm32

Cause this one is so complete. there is
no problems with it except that things
are in the wrong order. that just makes
me feel so close to being done, but yet
so far away, as the file is to large to
cut and paste peaces here and there.

The zipfile is about 400K to large to upload
to the forum so you can get it at:


Thank you.

Posted on 2002-12-04 13:53:18 by Zcoder
Posted on 2002-12-04 13:57:14 by Kdr Kane