I am a new user with the RadSAM.
I am loking desperetly for the opcodes.hlp
can anyone advise where to get it ?

In advance
Posted on 2002-12-04 22:12:56 by israel_l
If everything else fails, try google. I tried and found it instantly.
Posted on 2002-12-04 22:24:49 by Eugen
Comes with masm32.
Posted on 2002-12-05 07:06:46 by comrade
If you want to create any programs, you'll also need MASM32, nasm, fasm or an other assembler. RadASM is just a (very advanced) editor. Masm32 is the preferred package around here, and very newbie friendly (heh, well as newbie friendly as an assembler can be :) )
Posted on 2002-12-05 08:36:37 by Qweerdy
Thanks for the update.
It is a very nice editor, realy!
Anyway I am using tasm ( supplied by our Uni.).

Thanks again
Posted on 2002-12-05 14:13:19 by israel_l