Beast: Strong chess engine for the ChessBase GUI

WorkFiles: Beast.eng and Beast.dll
Note: .exe is .eng in the ChessBase GUI
Path: C:\ChessBase\Engines\


File 1: 2.86 Mb: (copy link to browser)

File 2: 2.80 Mb: (copy link to browser)

To unzip these files Power Archiver is recommended:
With Power Archiver open and extract to C:\ Then open C:\Beast\ and extract to C:\

Bugs: In the ChessBase GUI click: Tools > Engine > Beast: the engine cannot be loaded by the GUI.

There may be API calls to Chess32.dll that is part of the GUI but SoftIce may catch more API calls.

Todo : Catch all API calls between Beast.eng and Beast.dll and the GUI and debug so that my engine can be loaded into the GUI. Breakpoints: import LibraryA
Engine matches or tournaments against other engines in the ChessBase GUI will be possible in the future
(Running an engine against other engines is the best method to discover its weaknesses)

Let me know if someone succeeds to debug Beast :
Posted on 2001-09-04 10:27:45 by CccT
As you already posted this on other boards (reverse engineering related ones, that is), I don't think this needs to be discussed here.
Posted on 2001-09-04 10:37:42 by Tola