sorry to sound slow, but are there any functions that search from within a file i see things that search strings and for other files but are there any for searching for strings within a complete file?

MouseX=Axis aMouseX Speed=6.00
MouseY=Axis aMouseY Speed=6.00

i want to find those lines within this .ini file and i can pretty much modify them from there once i've found the address.
Posted on 2002-12-06 08:09:15 by Guy on ASM
Look in MS SDK help files:

function GetPrivateProfileString - it's especially for working with INI files. And there are some other useful functions too. (GetPrivateProfileSectionNames, GetPrivateProfileSection etc. )

Posted on 2002-12-06 08:39:50 by JohnFound
the apis to look into are

GetPrivateProfileString, GetProfileString

btw you posted in the wrong forum.. beware of the flame from the penguin
Posted on 2002-12-06 08:41:14 by roticv
Why dont you use the correct form of an .ini file and use the
windows api: GetPrivateProfileSection,GetProfileString,
WritePrivateProfileSection,WriteProfileString, etc. ?
This gives you simplistic/easy code to work with.

However, if you want to use the code approch I would recommend
looking into the macro in MASM(instring). OR do a search on this
board for 'instring', wich should give you even more things to study. ( ;) )
Posted on 2002-12-06 08:47:38 by natas

but flame away if you must it seems to have the reverse affect on me ,if you try to put me down it'll only make me work harder.
Posted on 2002-12-06 10:14:22 by Guy on ASM