Hi there.

I think what is possible to create ActiveX DLL (as Visual Basic) in MASM32. But I can't do it :(.

Could you help me, please?
Posted on 2002-12-07 06:59:54 by gaidar
I've never made one, but as far as im aware, VB Activex stuff is OCXs.. (renamed .DLL). Ernie or perhaps Xtreme might be able to help you with details tho...

Sorry this wasnt too usefull, but i never tried to make one..
Posted on 2002-12-07 09:48:51 by NaN
An activeX dll is any dll that exports 1 or more COM interfaces. My (now kinda old) tuts on COM in ASM, particularly for the MyCOM.dll and MyCOM2.dll explain the basics.

Click the link below to my site and some tuts.
Posted on 2002-12-07 17:08:16 by Ernie
hi ernie, your site link isn't working anymore, but i am new and like to know how to make dll from masm32. thanks
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Posted on 2003-01-30 20:42:04 by NaN