Hi there,..

My next problem is with *.obj files and dll files..

Is AnYWay to convert OBJ back to ASM ? :confused:
..any translator or something similar.. I dont know..

Is AnYWay directly link obj to MASM ? I think link functions from obj (Im new in this category),..

thanks for everything,.. hv a nc day :alright:
Posted on 2001-09-04 14:01:43 by Marty
I know that IDA can disassemble .obj files, dunno if that'll help you, though ;)
Posted on 2001-09-04 14:11:45 by Tola
This is a pretty handy utility for converting obj files to
asm. Gets labels and symbol names. Very handy


Posted on 2001-09-04 16:19:12 by prs

It seems to be very useful..
Posted on 2001-09-06 13:37:05 by Marty