Where can i obtain any references about speed of asm directives ?

I only know that Push pop is slower than 2 x mov :grin:
Posted on 2002-12-09 05:21:33 by drakoforma
Directives? I always thought they were called instructions. ( :tongue: )
Anyway, goto Agner's site and download his help file, and download
the program he made for calculating clock cycles.
Posted on 2002-12-09 09:13:44 by natas
You can get a basic idea by using the /Sc command line option of ML. It adds the number of clocks to the .LST file. This only worls with .586 or lower, and doesn''t consider issues like the pipelines etc.

Posted on 2002-12-09 09:51:22 by S/390
Check out AMD's excellent optimization guide: 1
Instruction latencies (for Athlons, of course) are given in a table at the end.

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Posted on 2002-12-09 14:25:03 by Jan Wassenberg
thx all
Posted on 2002-12-10 06:57:49 by drakoforma
Intel documents published the pdf documents on opcodes. IIRC it does have the size of the opcode and the no. of cycles. I think that would be what yo have requested for.
Posted on 2002-12-11 07:28:22 by roticv

Have a look at the optimisation manual by Agner Fog as it is about the best around. As you have been told, instruction timings are no longer reliable on later processors and you need to get the architecture to understand how this stuff works.

Agner Fog's manual has a list of micro-op timings but this is NOT the same thing as clock cycles. Basically what you are doing is working out how a sequence of instructions interact so that they go though the dual pipelines in an efficient manner.

If you can master this, you will get the speed in your algorithms.


Posted on 2002-12-12 04:40:29 by hutch--