Hi there?

I have wrote a dll in masm32 wich will be called from Excel.vb.
This is for commercial use, I Don't know where to get a license for masm32?

By the way. Masm32 increased calculation speed by 9 times.

best regards
Posted on 2002-12-10 07:45:01 by johnny
MASM programs are free of any royalties, afaik...
Posted on 2002-12-10 07:50:05 by JCP
when in doubt contact MS, they can provide you and your lawyer (if you have one) with all necessary information concerning the acceptable use of masm in a commercial program. Otherwise what Readiosys said. :)
Posted on 2002-12-10 12:55:49 by Hiroshimator
Thanks (both of you)

Posted on 2002-12-10 18:35:39 by johnny

The version of ML.EXE and LINK.EXE are licenced for you to use in commercial applications as per the enclosed End User Licence Agreement in MASM32.

If you own your copy of masm then you can write what you like anyway but as far as the MASM32 stuff, what you write is your own.

Compliments on the successful DLL for Excdel.


Posted on 2002-12-11 04:21:50 by hutch--