Well here is the lastest edition of my Quick Reference for Intel and Amd instruction sets, sorry for the long delay.:( This is a prerelease version, a full version I'm hoping to have done before Christmas. Future releases shouldn't take so long. Also wanted to let everyone know that I have saved all your ideas in a text file, and when I finished with the main body text, I'll start implementing some or all of those ideas. :cool: I also plan on adding a math section in the future so you can have various math(algebra,geometry, calculus, vector calculus, etc. , etc. ) formulas/tables just a few clicks away.:cool:
Posted on 2002-12-10 11:15:12 by GorillaCoder
Hi GorillaCoder !

Great Work! :alright:
Thanx !

How about convert into .chm?
Posted on 2002-12-12 04:07:13 by Eviloid
A little contribution...
Posted on 2002-12-12 04:18:37 by pelaillo
No problem Eviloid, enjoy making this document. ;) . Thanks for the chm doc pelaillo! I'll work on the fpu/mmx instructions today and should have a new post up tommorrow sometime.:)
Posted on 2002-12-12 11:46:06 by GorillaCoder
What? this is not the full version? what a scam ( :grin: )
Thanks for contributing with this great reference! waiting for
the full version. Will it be under my christmas tree? ( :) )
Posted on 2002-12-12 12:28:34 by natas
hey, Hey!, HEY!!! Go dial 1-900-CRY-BABY:grin: . No Problem, I'll just burn it on a CD and when the wind direction changes torwards Norway, I'll frisbee it right through your window and right under your christmas tree:alright: SERIOUSLY, thanks for the compliment.:)
Also, It may take a few more days to complete the next update, because of the many symbols that I have to redo for the floating point descriptions, didn't forsee this until I started working on the next update today. HOPEFULLY, a full version will be complete before Christmas.:cool:
Posted on 2002-12-12 16:25:10 by GorillaCoder
hi GorillaCoder, pretty good reference! uhm... could u add examples for Detailed Instruction Information section, it would be very nice. oh yeah, and how about make one version again with firstopcode order ?
and ur Inspiration and Revelations sections is catching my eyes. the 1st was good although i neva look at those yet. but i doubting the later. is it written by u ? ;p
btw, i wonder if u can use *style* a'la microsoft .chm help , it would be excelent ;)

pelaillo: hi, i want to know, what program u used to make .chm file? anyway, thanks for the chm ;)

Posted on 2002-12-13 09:09:55 by dion
Hello Dion, I'm going to finish the main detailed descriptions first, and then look into other people's suggestions. As stated in a previous post I'm taking all of your suggestions and adding them to a list, so I'll put your's in it as well. I do not have a chm converter, so someone else will have to help with this, hopefully, pelaillo will help with this, by the way the chm file looks REAL GOOD:alright: . I included the inspirations because I'm discovering that life isn't just the physical universe, that there is a spiritual side to this human equation:) . I included the revelations because there are some very dark people out there with some very dark plans for us "little people".:( And no, I did not write this, found this on a prophetic website, along with some web links to make there case.
Take it Easy,
Posted on 2002-12-13 10:14:05 by GorillaCoder
I will be happy to contribute.

I've used hhc.exe --> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/off2krk/html/95t3_3.asp
*styles* a'la Micro$oft (office.css) are also available there.

BTW, if there is anyone interested in writing such a tool in full asm, there is a good reference to start with:

Posted on 2002-12-16 04:48:55 by pelaillo
hi pelaillo, do u use help workshop? wierd, it yield .hlp file, not .chm :(
Posted on 2002-12-16 07:14:29 by dion
This is not Help Workshop, it is HTML Help Workshop.
hhc.exe produces *.chm:

C:\Programs\HTML Help Workshop>hhc

Usage: hhc <filename>
where <filename> = an HTML Help project file
Example: hhc myfile.hhp

Posted on 2002-12-16 08:00:56 by pelaillo
hi pelaillo, ur link doesnt link to hhc, its link to help workshop. are ur link was link to HTML workshop file? is it free?

Posted on 2002-12-17 02:34:32 by dion