hello folks,

as i'm not too familiar with masm this may sound quite a stupid, what i'm sorry for.
I need to use some funcs from MSVC static library but if I state

includelib libc.lib

_allmul proto
_i64toa proto
_ftol proto

the import string has a mangling (this means the funny @ thingy followed by args size ;-)
however the clib doesn't have this, so how can i tell masm to remove the mangling from imported protos?

yet i have problem to force PE target as I always receive 16bit executable even if I state it's /subsystem:wind0ze...
i have recently linked several PExecutables but can't find the difference in sources, any idea?

and last question, includelib ....lib directive doesn't seem to work, i assumed this work the same way as #pragma comment(lib, .... but I have to state all libraries on command line again. I can always do a batch, but little annoying.

thanks for any hints,
Posted on 2002-12-14 02:41:48 by _Servil_
take a look at hxttp://freehafer.tripod.com/zip/zatoi64.zip .
Posted on 2002-12-14 07:10:45 by dion