When debugging a MASM program in OllyDbg, it is quite often the case that you find a bug (in my programs anyway ;)). You can then often switch to the editor and quickly fix this bug, and then you want to recompile and try the program again.

Here is where the problem occurs. OllyDbg seems to always lock the exe-file once it has debugged it (which prevents the file from being recompiled/rebuilt), and I cannot find any way to unlock the file but restarting OllyDbg. :( This is very annoying, and I was hoping that anyone knew of a better way to prevent OllyDbg from locking the file like this, or at least a way to remove the lock without restarting OllyDbg?

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Posted on 2002-12-15 10:30:43 by dELTA
I recognize this "problem", but I've gotten used to it (I thought I never would, but I've adapted ;) ). After I've found a bug I hit alt-x and fix the bug (or at least think so :rolleyes:) recompile and run the app (I "attach" olly to the exe via an int 3 (I've made olly my JIT-debugger), olly will load the exe and you'll end up in the int 3 handler, just hit F7 a few times to return to the exe)...

You can always load another exe in olly to get her to release you exe, but that's slow.
Posted on 2002-12-15 12:38:01 by scientica
Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I will then mail the author and ask if he could implement such a feature, and hope for the best. :)
Posted on 2002-12-15 14:45:10 by dELTA
I use the tools in TextPad.

If I find a bug, hit Alt-x in Ollydbg, fix the bug with TextPad and hit Ctrl-F7 to assemble, and Ctrl-Shift-F7 to launch Ollydgb.
Posted on 2002-12-15 18:12:09 by eet_1024
dELTA: no need to email Olly :grin: i did it some time ago.
it is already on bug list. the problem is that Oleh cannot find where is the problem,
he say that he frees all file handles on Close (ALT+F2) but still something doesnt free.

can anyone that have the problem to have an ollydbg.exe runned through an API tracer
(e.g.BoundsChecker) ?

Posted on 2002-12-16 00:49:37 by TBD