has anybody an example/a source of a VxD, which hides/deny access to folders?

Bye Tim
Posted on 2001-09-05 01:13:08 by Tim Henford
i would like to have such a vxd, too! don't think that people code things like that, here. i heard that it's very complicated....

Posted on 2001-09-06 09:17:41 by NOP-erator

you may be wright, but as I asked this question some Threads ago some people answered me, that it isn't such a great thing and "easy" to do.

Do you know something about such a VxD or more information about it and how to make it?

Bye Tim
Posted on 2001-09-06 11:21:49 by Tim Henford
sorry, but as i said, i would like to have such a vxd, too!

bye :(
Posted on 2001-09-06 13:33:13 by NOP-erator
I'm in the process of working on this, although its a kernel mode driver, and won't run under 9x. I'll be happy to divulge the source
if anybody's interested.

oh btw http://www.menuetos.org/

pretty nifty 32bit assembler os.

Posted on 2001-09-06 13:55:09 by prs
Hallo prs,

what's the main difference between the kmd and VxD?
And what did you mean with "divulge"?

I'll take a look at your page...

I know many programs which uses VxD-Drivers for example F-Prot for Win, ProtectZ, ... - so it must be possible to find out how they work.

Bye Tim
Posted on 2001-09-07 08:05:19 by Tim Henford
Vxds do not run under nt and kmd do not run under 9x. The method of initilization is quite different from a kernel mode driver versus a vxd. They are two different os specific ways for achieving ring 0 access under 9x and NT.

I will elaborate further on this in another post, if you would like. sorry for the brief explanation, but alas real life calls.

F-Prot for Win, ProtectZ under nt most likely uses a kmd or vdd to
achieve ring 0 access.

the url i linked wasn't my page, was just a cool link found while surfing:)

What i mean by divulge, is i will provide source code to my app :)
I'm currently working on a variety of projects, eg ddk for masm32, with a wizard, includes and some utils to help with driver development.

I'll post the source when i'm done with it. If i can help in any other
way let me know.

take care
Posted on 2001-09-07 14:09:48 by prs
Hallo prs,

thank you for the information about VxD and kmd.

It'll be great if you could send me more facts about this topic.

About F-Prot for Win, ProtectZ, ... I know they use VxD (kmd), but how to write them and work with them in Delphi for example?

Oops sorry about the URL...

I come from Germany, so I've looked up "divulge" in a dictionary, but couldn't find anything like this.

About support: ;-) Do you know how to change the filemon source of sysinternals to hide a folder under Win9x?

What do you mean with "take care"?

Bye Tim
Posted on 2001-09-09 06:50:59 by Tim Henford
du bist auch aus deutschland! :-)

i would appreciate more easy examples about vxd, how to build one and stuff like that is all in icz's tutorials. but i'm missing examples.....

Posted on 2001-09-09 06:54:49 by NOP-erator
Hallo nop,

sch?n, dass man auch noch Leute kennenlernt die Deutsch sprechen.

Yes, surely it would be great if there are more examples but more insecure, as well. That's the point - if anybody has such a powerful key like VxD's there'll be much more dangerous virus.

If anybody could help in this topic with a little example we could get a step foward.

Bye Tim
Posted on 2001-09-09 12:20:41 by Tim Henford
woher aus deutschland kommst du genau? kennst du koblenz (wo mosel in den rhein flie?t)? da in der n?he wohne ich.

i agree to tim! :alright: :grin:

Posted on 2001-09-10 11:45:56 by NOP-erator