Posted on 2002-12-20 03:39:40 by scientica
Posted on 2002-12-20 05:47:34 by bazik
You'll get such templates for FASM (in a good fashion, with use of the ccall macros etc.) with the 1.43 release. Currently I'm working on the ELF formatter for new FASM and that's why I've posted this poll - I wanted to know if there are any people that would want to use it for Linux programming.
Posted on 2002-12-20 06:35:51 by Tomasz Grysztar

You'll get such templates for FASM (in a good fashion, with use of the ccall macros etc.) with the 1.43 release.

Thanks Privalov! :alright:
Posted on 2002-12-20 06:48:43 by Vortex
It has been said before (and will be said again): You are the best!

I've seen the nightmare projects ("simple" hello world apps :rolleyes: ) in C++, where 500 programms are started by a mysterois make-script taking almost a year to complete, I find that very very superfluous, when only one apps should be needed...

I truly prefer fasm, one line to compile and one to run the app, that's fast and simple. :)
Posted on 2002-12-20 06:54:02 by scientica
Privalov,how are you? I am sure, you are very buisy.
When you will release the 1.43?


Posted on 2002-12-25 03:37:34 by Vortex
It's again (after iret from Christmas ;)) under intense developmnent and should be released soon. Formatter is once again being restructured a bit, and many fixes have been applied also to the assembler module. I'll try to finish it before new year.
Posted on 2002-12-28 09:46:45 by Tomasz Grysztar
Udachi! Your hard work is very much appreciated!
Posted on 2002-12-28 13:33:30 by comrade
Thanks Privalov! Many thanks!


Posted on 2002-12-29 09:04:25 by Vortex
Privalov don't work to much, we all thank you for your incredible work, don't sacrifice too much sleep trying to complete the next verion before 23:59:56. not that any of us don't think you can do it before the next year but don't forget to sleep...

/me been sleeping to little lately, me exhausted after a complete system reinstall with very late hours as result; but I'm back online I'm currenly running RedHat 8.0 (GNOME w/ Bluecurve; the setup of X was a bit more work the it was under 7.3...), if anyone cares... ;)
Posted on 2002-12-29 13:19:39 by scientica

Because he would have to run his programs on 386SX machine with 2 MB of RAM.

And please don't underestimate the power of DOS! ;)

My kelvar example runs on 386SX 2MB with VESA 1.2 compatible graphic card.

Also many OSES have a dos emulator, dos programs are multiplataform.
Privalov, it's possible that fasm outputs a symbol table?
Posted on 2002-12-29 13:26:11 by octavio
Yes,Privalov take care for your health (to much coding---->pain for the eyes)


Posted on 2002-12-30 03:36:34 by Vortex
Thanks for care, but it was not as much work. :alright:
Posted on 2002-12-30 16:09:52 by Tomasz Grysztar