As mentioned earlier here, I have problems to get MASM symbols to display correctly in OllyDbg.

With this post I have attached a very simple example program that demonstrates this (a RadASM project file is also included, where all compile/link switches can be seen).

The main procedure looks like this:

main proc
jmp example_label
invoke MessageBox, 0, ADDR mbMessageText, ADDR mbTitleText, MB_OK
jmp another_label
main endp

What I want is to get the labels "example_label" and "another_label" to be displayed in the debugger, but it refuses to do this. :( Some other labels are displayed though, e.g. the "main" symbol, and the "mbMessageText" and "mbTitleText" symbols in the data section. Does anyone have any idea about how to get the debugger to display the two other labels too?

It would be really nice if someone would take a look and explain if I'm doing something wrong (or confirm that you get the same problem in OllyDbg and/or other debuggers with it).

Thanks a lot!
Posted on 2002-12-16 10:55:15 by dELTA