Right now im trying to figure out how to convert like 00Bf09AC to ascii decimal i have looked online and there is alot of info on it but there is also alot of bad info on it. so if anyone has a really good site or source that can convert dword to ascii decimal please help me. also if you have it to were it converts ASCII to DWORD 32 Bit Float i will need that also. thanks
Posted on 2002-12-16 23:09:22 by devilsclaw
I recommend my code snipp in this article about displaying float
Posted on 2002-12-17 04:22:58 by beaster
thanks i will look at it.
Posted on 2002-12-17 04:30:37 by devilsclaw
You may also want to look at the new Fpulib library of high precision math functions just posted in the MASM32 section. Although the function related to converting floats to string only accepts 80-bit floats as input, any other type can first be loaded on the FPU and used as the source for the function.

The function also gives you the option of returning the string in regular decimal format or in scientific notation. You also specify how many decimals you require in the zero-terminated string.

Similarly, the string to float function can leave the result on the FPU from where you can store it in any format you want.

The source code for all the library modules is also available.

Posted on 2002-12-17 19:02:25 by Raymond