Pardon me sire,
:stupid: I try to use GetBitmapBits but I only have the bits not the Color. Is there any other way except the "Hard to Remember" Function like GetDIB or something else. I cannot Remember the Struck. I Attach a Zip.

Thank you.
Posted on 2002-12-17 06:46:47 by realvampire
I don't quite understand your question. You have the bits but not the color? As far as I can understand, the bits *are* the colors :confused:

What are you trying to do?
Posted on 2002-12-17 12:08:48 by Qweerdy
I mean I need an Color Array like 00FF,00FF,FF00,00FF. But I only Had the Bits 0 and 1. not an DWORD array ( like 0101 ).

Does anyone have an example for using GetBitmapBits ?
Posted on 2002-12-20 05:00:51 by realvampire