Hello, I was wondering how you guys would create this type of listbox.


Posted on 2002-12-21 02:24:54 by HeXeN
I'm not sure exactly how you would do that. Taking a quick look at that window, the window part itself is called VBFloatingPalette with a ListBox inside. My guess is that it's a custom / subclasses window that allows you to add different CWCs to the listbox's client area, but I could very well be wrong (ListBox doesn't seem to have anything that allows it to add CWCs normally)
Posted on 2002-12-21 03:16:34 by Miko
I would read my custom control tutorial, and the begin designing a tool-bar window type control with a combo box, and a list-view. I would also design a handfull of user Window messages used to populate the control and make it reusable, as well as store a hWindow for call-backs as the user makes selections with the control.

.. just my thoughts really ;)

However, there maybe a VB COM class that has this done already, but i have not "com" across it in my experiences...

Ok, that one was a groaner ;)
Best of luck..
Posted on 2002-12-22 21:58:13 by NaN

I believe that you will have to learn how to walk first before you should even think about running a marathon.

Your example is a very complex one, probably requiring a few thousand lines of code in asm (i) to design it (easiest part) AND (ii) to control it (the most important part).

Take a look at the list/edit/combo box subjects in your Win32.hlp file. Try something very easy at first.

Posted on 2002-12-23 09:38:50 by Raymond
HeXeN, If you want to know howto do this. Then I would recommend
that you contact KetilO. Because he made something like that in his program
Posted on 2002-12-23 10:07:56 by natas