I send this:

invoke MessageBox, NULL, addr text, addr text2, MB_OK

If I open this Box the sound of PC make gong.


How Can I open a MessageBox silent. without a gong.

Posted on 2002-12-21 12:56:36 by Fred
make your own messagebox. it's a window with a button on.
Posted on 2002-12-21 13:37:32 by Hiroshimator
Or turn your speakers off.
Posted on 2002-12-21 13:44:47 by japheth
The noise is there because youre using a sound-scheme in windows.
Any program wich calls a messagebox should cause that noise. So
either just disable the sound scheme OR dont use a messagebox. ( ;) )
Posted on 2002-12-21 15:16:00 by natas