I want include HEX with this option.

db EBh,CCh,FFh

It is all right only this hex EBh,CCh,FFh if compile I have this error:
A2006: undefiniert EBh ???

How Can I hexcode include in MASM better?

Posted on 2002-12-21 12:59:37 by Fred

db [COLOR=red]0[/COLOR]EBh,[COLOR=red]0[/COLOR]CCh,[COLOR=red]0[/COLOR]FFh

Posted on 2002-12-21 13:01:53 by Tola
i know that Tola has already answered your question, but some more information...

Whenever you want to use a hex value that begins with A through F, you must prepend a zero ('0') in front of the number. Otherwise, MASM will interpret it as a label/register/memory location etc.

It follows that:
db 3ah, 0ah efh

will work...

without the zero in front of the last two, the second would be interpretted as the upper half of the ax register and the variable/const/other named efh.

Posted on 2002-12-21 17:38:47 by jademtech