i've read the win32inc readme file. it said :

To use them you should at first define the environment variable called
INCLUDE containing the complete path to the INCLUDE directory of this
package, it should not end with the path separator.

how to define the environment variable in fasm so i can use win32inc inc's ?
Posted on 2002-12-22 00:48:30 by AstroCoder
You have to declare it in windows... I'm not sure if you can do it the same way in all the windows versions, but in XP, you right click on 'My Computer' and select the 'Advanced' tab... On that "page", you'll see a button with the caption 'Environment variables' or something like that... Click on it and declare or edit the variables... ;)

Good luck!
Posted on 2002-12-22 02:40:16 by POW
i don't think that you are giving the right answer. i'm hoping for another replies !

note : i dont have winXP and i think winXP have nothing to do with FASM's environment variables.
Posted on 2002-12-22 19:09:05 by AstroCoder
On 98,ME:

Edit autoexec.bat and set "INCLUDE" variable name to point to your Fasm path (if you don't have one) like this:

REM assume "c:\fasm\bin" is your Fasm's path

set INCLUDE=c:\fasm\bin

Posted on 2002-12-22 19:59:55 by Bi_Dark

That's the way to do it in older versions of Windows, but in XP, you have to do it like I said.

Note AstroCoder! It isn't some variables you set inside FASM, you have to declare them in Windows.

Good luck...again... :)
Posted on 2002-12-23 10:15:32 by POW
Oh Thank you POW & Bi_Dark !

Posted on 2002-12-24 05:49:04 by AstroCoder
Posted on 2002-12-24 07:51:49 by POW
:tongue: hehe...
Posted on 2002-12-24 08:06:20 by Bi_Dark