I'm using ODBC to read/write on a Microsoft Access database. I have to create a table but I don't know how to create the query because I have some problems with data type

I have to create a table, "Data", with 5 fields. Volt, Ampere, Celsius and Joule are floating numbers ( SINGLE, 4 bytes width, 2 digits precision ) and Seconds is an integer number ( INTEGER, 2 bytes width ).

Can someone help me creating this table :

CREATE TABLE Data ( Volt ......

Posted on 2002-12-22 14:51:14 by greenant
hmm... maybe Icz ODBC tut can help on this.

Posted on 2002-12-22 23:45:27 by dion
There are no create table examples in ODBC tut
Posted on 2002-12-23 03:09:48 by greenant
try this: CREATE TABLE Data (Volt FLOAT, Ampere FLOAT, Celsius FLOAT, Joule FLOAT, Seconds INT)

for detailed description on data types look into the M$ access help file.
This is not your homework, isn't it ? :)
Posted on 2002-12-23 04:19:28 by beaster