Hi KetilO,

Is it possible to add passing commandline parameters for which like batch files or other utilities that would be invoked from RadAsm menu as,

Project Path
FileName with extension
FileName w/o extension

etc. I inspired this while thinking a solution for my problem, is I tried to do a batch file for tasm projects like Masm package's BldAll.bat file. But the .obj file is created in RadAsm root folder. I have already can not find a solution yet. I needed this for compiling sources w/o a project, as is. This is a bit faster for same sources and practical also. I think my this suggestion is future aimed and more flexible. At least, I think so.

What do you think? Or is could be with a plug-in?

Posted on 2002-12-25 16:12:21 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

What you are asking is possible from the tools menu.



This command passes the filename (w/o ext) from the top edit file to the .bat file.

Posted on 2002-12-25 16:28:05 by KetilO
In fact I used for tasm, like


but, the .obj file created in RadAsm root, the compiled resource file is ok, in place. Only assambled .obj is in wrong place.

Btw, I tested the batch file standalone and in another editor.
Posted on 2002-12-25 18:57:22 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

You have to open the file using the toolbar open file or the menu open file. This to set current directory. Using the browser tool or drag and drop will not set current directory.

Note that the proper way to do this is by creating this section in tasm.ini

1=rsrc.res,O,$B\brcc32.exe -r -i"$I" -v,rsrc.rc
2=$.obj,O,$B\tasm32.EXE /mx /m4 /z /q /zn /I"$I",$.asm
3=$.exe,O,$B\tlink32.EXE /x /V4.0 /Tpe /aa /c /L"$L",$.obj,|||||,rsrc.res

Posted on 2002-12-26 03:15:33 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,

Yes as you said,the problem was the opening stuff. I used to sending the RadAsm via context "Send To" menu. It was good but. I couln't guessed this would be a problem.

And, one apologise for my stupid suggestion which wasn't completely true, I confused you too. Since I had been tried $ char as project name but I suggested again the same feature. After a long research period in a late night, I could be same tired and have write so.:rolleyes: Thanks!

and I ini was also has that settings, exactly ever.

Have a nice day
Posted on 2002-12-26 09:23:25 by cakmak