I have attached a zip file that is a self unpacking EXE file that has an include file that contains macros for an in memory dialog template system.

The file DIALOGS.INC should be placed in the \MASM32\INCLUDE directory and the rest of the examples can be put anywhere on the same logical drive as MASM32 is in.

The system is an operating system defined one that can be used in place of resource definition files for dialogs. There are macros for normal controls and common controls.

The attached file README.TXT should be read before much experimentation is done as there are some considerations in using the system that should be understood first.

The original idea behind this system was to make dialogs that could be contained within a library module where a resource definition file cannot be used. The system is also simple enough to make exe files and is a viable alternative to the more common technique of creating a resource script .RC and linking it into the exe file.


Posted on 2002-12-27 05:51:56 by hutch--
Just wanted to say Thanks:grin: I will certainly use this in my project, because this system suits my taste well ;-)
Posted on 2003-01-04 22:17:35 by Andycar