Does anybody know how to send keystrokes to directx apps? If an app uses direct input, you won't be able to send any window messages to send keyboard input because direct input does not process these messages. So how else can i do that? I can use keybd_event, but you can't tell this function to which app to send the input. they just send it to the currently active app. so will i have to do a check with GetForegroundWindow() to see if the app that i want to send the input to is active and if it is active, simulate keystrokes with keybd_event? or is there a better way? i'd like to modify the hardware keyboard buffer (or whatever direct input gets its information from) for the app directly. is this possible?
Posted on 2001-09-06 09:12:56 by darester
i'm not sure, but i think it could be possible with IN and OUT instructions, but you'll have to ask the real pros for that.

Posted on 2001-09-06 09:28:05 by NOP-erator
I was just about to start getting into dinput, but I haven't yet. I assume it would be a simple com call though.. Well maybe not...

You could always in your program store the keyboard input in memory, and with your other program take the input and write something else to it... Just an idea.
Posted on 2001-09-06 14:52:55 by Kenny