i have trubl using static lib originally written for VC++ it uses VC classes and
decoreted exports... ?Play@CWsp@@QAEXPAXH@Z...

to access the class from finctions i wrote just an intermediate lib in C with
stdcall demangled exports...

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) void wsp_play(HINSTANCE hInst, WORD ResID, const char *ResDir, CWsp::EModType eType)

this is compiled in OK format: _wsp_play in the lib

however on final link of my asm project there's many library conflicts:
double defs in libc.lib and libcmt.lib. I knew how resolve this disabling one of these libs.
(my asm project uses c++ library by default (libc.lib), changing this to libcmt doesn't help)

beside this libc can't find main() func in my code (however this is handled previously by assembler, and i'm using WinMain)

i need get it running (can provide the libraries if necessary)
Posted on 2002-12-28 11:41:35 by _Servil_