I'd like to learn how to deal with floating Numbers. e.g. to use a SquareRoot function.

Are there any good Tutorials on that?


UrlDecode function. :)
Posted on 2001-09-06 09:44:38 by Butch77
Well I'll blow my own horn here and point you towards two of my tutorials. You'll find them at on the tutorials page of my site

But to give you a quick explanation of the squre root heres some example code.

Num1 Real4 123.45

finit ; Initalise the FPU
fld Num1 ; Load Num1 onto TOS (st(0)
fsqrt ; convert value on TOS,ie Num1, into its Square Root.
fstp Num1; Store TOS into Num1
Posted on 2001-09-06 12:17:20 by Eóin