Since Nan was asking on another thread (as have a few people)....

I'm still here, I read the board whenever I can to keep a few WIN32MASM brain cells alive until need be.

I've been a tad busy with other things, like refurbishing my parents house so me and my new wife can live her now, then refurbished my apartment so my step daughter can move in there. We now *think* we can get back to some sort of a normal life.

My programming efforts this year have mostly been in assembler, but for Microchip PIC things at my job. The job has been busy busy too, with the elimination of 3 weak players in my area, with an unfortunate weak replacement for one. Leaves me way too much junk work to do as I cannot convince management I need a tech. (Managments answer is if the engineer is too busy, hire another engineer. Silly and short sighted).

Seems January will see actual production pieces of my PIC based detectors go from "if you have any time work on it" to "full speed ahead, need to ship in March." That should proove interesting.

Another bad move from management is to completely ignore my el-cheapo USB bit-banger for automated test and VB control programs (cost about $200 in parts and a week or two my time) and go for an outside house to build a LabView tester with National Instrument parts for around 30K.

I thin they be smokin too much funny stuff n the management meetings.

Anyway, I do have a very nice bit-banger, akin to an 8255 IO port, with 24 bits out, 7 bits back. Software control is a VB object that sets the bits and provides events if any of the 7 bits change. I'd re-do it in asm for fun and also solve a nasty threading issue that required an exe-server object to get a free thread to work with.

If anyone thinks that sounds interesting, I'll email you the info I have.

I also just went in and fixed my current email address. Seems Earthlink bought out my old provider who was selling me email space for 5 bucks a month and upgraded my account to full dial-up service at 30 bucks a month. Thay can't understand why I never replied to their letters (which I threw out cause I had no business with them, or so I thought).

Anyway, I'm leaching space off my wife's website now. Catch me there if you dare!
Posted on 2002-12-29 09:20:57 by Ernie