I know I could email VKIM and get a reply, thx, Vkim but I figure a post may help others.

It won't work:confused:

I deleted my masm32\vkdebug folder and unzipped it.

ran the bat to copy the new dll and inc and exe (debug.dll 9/16/02 8:58 am)

when I run an example or one of my previously working debug files I get a new debug window with every message sent. e.g. the dump example opens about 20 windows, all blank.

win98 first edition.


Rocky J
Posted on 2002-12-30 18:32:53 by RockyJ

oops sorry,

just read debug.asm, and noticed I didn't copy the dbgwin.exe to the bin directory.

all my bin and inc and libs are read-only so I have to change that when I copy over

moderator can delete this if they want:o :o :grin:
Posted on 2002-12-30 18:48:00 by RockyJ