Hey , im new to programming and want to learn asm more than any other language , simply because i think it is the best language to learn as it has much to offer.. im looking for places to learn asm , eg: tuturiols , now just like op codes etc , but detailed tuturiols on how they work , what the codes mean etc , eg : xor , eax etc , like that is gobbledy gook to me lol , please help ... i just want to learn this..
Posted on 2002-12-31 14:03:56 by soulx`
Posted on 2002-12-31 14:20:18 by comrade
Can't forget Iczelion's site located here

Posted on 2002-12-31 14:35:34 by JamesE
You will find a wealth of assembly related info right here on this board. The best place to start is by reading the post by Readiosys at the top of the page:)

good luck and best regards,

Posted on 2002-12-31 18:19:30 by czDrillard

I don't like to hose down your enthusiasm but I would suggest that you learn some programming first as assembler is not a learners language and your chance of succeeding is very poor unless you have some prior experience in programming first.

This is something like saying "learn to walk first before you learn to fly". You need the basic conceptual data in programming to comprehend what is being done in assembler.

When you learn a language like basic, pascal or C, you can come back to assembler if you need it and you will do a lot better.


Posted on 2003-01-01 00:45:14 by hutch--

I'm not sure I agree.... (likely the first time... this year :) )...
I found that learning the mechanics of the processor and such, was the MOST beneficial
foundation I could have had for programming ... it allowed me to easily see what was garbage and what wasn't.... then C or PowerBASIC and then back to ASM.... I believe...
and where better to learn how the machine works than with ASM?

soulx, you found the right place... I say start w/ tutorials here and on Hutch's site...

Happy New Year All

Posted on 2003-01-01 01:23:03 by Brad

I personally agree someway with both here, in the sense that I think that asm shouldn't be the very first language taught, but the very first things taught should be bits, bytes, memory cells, memory addresses, logical operators, etc.. which are normally taught ~only with asm.
I started with BASIC but few months after I felt limited by it (speed wise) and since I was naturally fashinated by asm, I learnt it.
Posted on 2003-01-01 04:09:10 by Maverick