I've tried to work on this myself for quite sometime and i think i need help :\
Im trying to read some text from another aplications window. Theres nothing illegal involved in this so i will mention its for FlashFXP.
I have two choices of the data to read.

1st is the TfdStatusBar down the bottom which has seperate sections for file, speed, percentage etc.. iv used winspy++ to work out the statusbar but i cannot get the stuff to read the text in each section :\
2nd is the window title says basicly everything the statusbar does in TApplication. The title in that and the title in TForm (main) is diffirent.....
im confused over this. Iv found the buffer for percentage which can be read via RPM however none of the others i can find.
Someone can shead some light on this pls?
Posted on 2003-01-02 15:32:49 by Uradox
1. use findwindowex to get a handle to the TApplication window
2. send a WM_GETTEXT message to the window
3. verify that you indeed have correct handle by making sure "FlashFXP" is present in the string
4. parse the string for the info u need
Posted on 2003-01-02 16:30:47 by BubbaFate
findwindowex failed to find the window
Its strange tho
In winspy the TApplication class doesnt fall in the FlashFXP TFrmMain Tree at all so im guessing this is why findwindowex failed. How does winspy itself manage to do this? :(
Posted on 2003-01-02 17:15:17 by Uradox
szClass db "TApplication"

invoke FindWindowEx, NULL, NULL, addr szClass, NULL
Posted on 2003-01-02 17:18:37 by BubbaFate
Attualy with findwindowex just then i left HWND hwndParent as NULL and it finds the TApplication. But i think this is not good if there are more apps open like this?? :(
Posted on 2003-01-02 17:19:59 by Uradox
3. verify that you indeed have correct handle by making sure "FlashFXP" is present in the string
Posted on 2003-01-02 18:07:27 by BubbaFate
Great alls working :)
Cheers for the help
Posted on 2003-01-02 18:09:06 by Uradox