I put a bitmap in dialog box (i.e. on a button or in a static field) and I center it (or I center the control in which the bitmap will be loaded) in dialogbox units under resource script (.rc file).

Ok, no problem on my PC, but when I tranfer the file on my notebook, the bitmap is not centerd anymore.

How to make a bitmap fixed in its position and not dependent on the monitor or PC settings one use ?
Posted on 2001-09-07 11:40:38 by Saiwa
the problem could be the following: if you are using dialog boxes, then their look depends on the settings on each computer. The whole dialog box could change, if someone has "BIG FONTS"activated or stuff like that. please consult iczelion's tutorials for more information.

Posted on 2001-09-08 03:49:24 by NOP-erator