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OH NO YOU DON'T... tried to slip a holy war in the Main section !!! *picks up his assembly sword and rushes in* i never miss a good battle!


maybe the writing *is* on the wall for Java. Sun and that punk mcneally are in the process of being Micro$hafted lol. for all the hell that BASIC gets, hey its still around... and its faster than Java. the next 'pipedream' is dotnet but MS is behind it so they'll supply the pipe... what we smoke in it is up to us.


Java: C++ with training wheels, hehe. universities should be teaching C too. i personally believe the best programmers are already determined before college begins. anybody can go through the motions but the person who loves computers and stays up all night in HS just to program are the real thing.


haha... "write once, debug everywhere". i agree with you: end users don't care how easy it is for the programmer to make the software nor do they care about how pretty the language is... they want speed and results.


java is a pretty cool idea; however, i like java the langauge more than java the VM and java the byte code. as far as consumer apps go there *is* only one platform: windows. java has a niche: server-side. nobody with any sense is making consumer apps with it. i agree with your 'TOO OOP' statement: classes make sense but there is still a cpu underneath. hey cool... i just saw 'D' yesterday! i've never used Perl but from what i've heard i'll take your word that it rules :).


bytecode isn't slow! its *now* faster than assembly! scott mcneally just announced it... we can take his word, can't we?


hey, when the world changes to using Java-only. i'll just change my name to Java_God and proclaim that i've been using it since i was three... by then assembly will be outlawed but i'll secretly be doing it in my basement... shhh! don't turn me in :p


i agree: the only problem about having everything 'done' for you is it masks all the programming deficiencies. as i said before: some people love Java because they are high-powered serve-side gurus... others love it because they can't do c, can't do pointers, can't do asm, can't do win api, can't do sockets... you get the picture.


the truth behind C++: you can probably find code thats on the web or that you've even done before and use it as a skeleton. classes are good for re-use but so is some good ole copy-n-paste.


i have run a program using CLR. it did sorta suck... bytecode sorta sucks. we're not taunting you... i won't give up my c compiler till Sun does the same lol.


java's not a panacea... java is communism. ok, ok, maybe that was a taunt for -T- but *only* in good fun.


Java is used on server-side. companies which have tried to use java elsewhere have failed. ever used borland's JBuilder foundation (created with java)? wonder why they give it away free? it was an experiment... it sucks, its too slow. oh and please *God* don't mention pascal. BEGIN i can't stand it END. lol.

disclaimer: i am in no way putting down users of pascal. all comments were made in jest only. i am not responsible for any counseling necessary as a result of the above.


push fries
push coke
call eat

i'd have to agree: C, BASIC, Pascal, and of course ASM have stood the test of time. "don't look down your nose at the dinosaurs just yet, we'll never survive half as long as they did".

i also agree with your take on Sun being an MS wannabe.

btw: the above call returns heartburn in eax :p


really? you think java will die? i think languages tend to stay around 'forever'... Sun's biggest error is pissing off MS. they may be big but MS knows software and MS's friends at intel are using the itanium to serve Sun some server whoop-@ss. btw don't take any of this stuff personally... you're a smart guy and will do well. you're one of the guys i mentioned above in f0dder's post. i'm sure you'll see plenty of junk come and go during your career.

*puts on queen's another one bit the dust for netscape and mac* :)


i wrote a non-Java client for shitz-n-giggles: i used a packet sniffer to figure out the protocol. created a C client, then C++ client, then assembly one. my client can do things yahoos cannot. for example, i had 'retro-active' ignore for a year before yahoo, you cannot boot my client, and it 'handles' spammers and other morons in cool ways. my clients aren't resource hogs.


you're not misunderstood. i think you're a very spirited and intelligent programmer. please remember that java is not your 'baby'... its Sun's... and if it 'dies' (thats a big IF) it'll be their fault for awakening the great Micro$haft monster, not yours.

dr phil :grin:
Posted on 2001-08-22 23:21:36 by phil
"java's not a panacea... java is communism. ok, ok, maybe that was a taunt for -T- but *only* in good fun. "

Coorection: Facism not communism. :)
Communism would be good if absolute power didn't currupt absolutly of course.

The future is third party :rolleyes:
Posted on 2001-08-23 00:01:00 by -T-