; ================================================================================================== ; Title: Demo02.asm ; Author: G. Friedrich @ July 2003 ; Version: 1.0.0 ; Purpose: Demonstration program 2 of ObjAsm32. ; ================================================================================================== %include @Environ(OA32_PATH)\\Code\\Macros\\Model.inc ;Include & initialize standard modules SysSetup OOP_WINDOWS, DEBUG(WND);, RESGUARD) ;Loads OOP files and OS related objects include Demo02_Globals.inc ;Includes application globals IncludeBoth HtmlHelp LoadObjects Dialog, DialogModal, DialogAbout ;Loads or builds the following objects LoadObjects SdiApp .code include Demo02.inc ;Includes DemoApp02 object start: ;Program entry point SysInit ;Runtime initialization of OOP model ResGuard_Start ;Activates ResGuard OCall @DemoApp02::DemoApp02.Init ;Initializes the object data OCall @DemoApp02::DemoApp02.Run ;Executes the application OCall @DemoApp02::DemoApp02.Done ;Finalizes it ResGuard_Show ;Shows ResGuard results SysDone ;Runtime finalization of the OOP model invoke ExitProcess, 0 ;Exits program returning 0 to the OS end start ;Code end and defines prg entry point