ALboolean typedef byte ALchar typedef byte ALbyte typedef sbyte ALubyte typedef byte ALshort typedef sword ALushort typedef word ALint typedef sdword ALuint typedef dword ALsizei typedef sdword ALenum typedef dword ALfloat typedef real4 ALdouble typedef real8 ALvoid typedef Pointer AL_INVALID equ -1 AL_NONE equ 0 AL_FALSE equ 0 AL_TRUE equ 1 AL_SOURCE_RELATIVE equ 0x202 AL_CONE_INNER_ANGLE equ 01001h AL_CONE_OUTER_ANGLE equ 01002h AL_PITCH equ 01003h ; Specify the current location in three dimensional space. ; OpenAL, like OpenGL, uses a right handed coordinate system, ; where in a frontal default view X (thumb) points right, ; Y points up (index finger), and Z points towards the ; viewer/camera (middle finger). ; To switch from a left handed coordinate system, flip the ; sign on the Z coordinate. ; Listener position is always in the world coordinate system. AL_POSITION equ 01004h AL_DIRECTION equ 01005h AL_VELOCITY equ 01006h AL_LOOPING equ 01007h AL_BUFFER equ 01009h AL_GAIN equ 0100Ah AL_MIN_GAIN equ 0100Dh AL_MAX_GAIN equ 0100Eh AL_ORIENTATION equ 0100Fh AL_CHANNEL_MASK equ 03000h AL_SOURCE_STATE equ 01010h AL_INITIAL equ 01011h AL_PLAYING equ 01012h AL_PAUSED equ 01013h AL_STOPPED equ 01014h AL_BUFFERS_QUEUED equ 01015h AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED equ 01016h AL_SEC_OFFSET equ 01024h AL_SAMPLE_OFFSET equ 01025h AL_BYTE_OFFSET equ 01026h AL_SOURCE_TYPE equ 01027h AL_STATIC equ 01028h AL_STREAMING equ 01029h AL_UNDETERMINED equ 01030h AL_FORMAT_MONO8 equ 01100h AL_FORMAT_MONO16 equ 01101h AL_FORMAT_STEREO8 equ 01102h AL_FORMAT_STEREO16 equ 01103h AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE equ 01020h AL_ROLLOFF_FACTOR equ 01021h AL_CONE_OUTER_GAIN equ 01022h AL_MAX_DISTANCE equ 01023h AL_FREQUENCY equ 02001h AL_BITS equ 02002h AL_CHANNELS equ 02003h AL_SIZE equ 02004h AL_UNUSED equ 02010h AL_PENDING equ 02011h AL_PROCESSED equ 02012h AL_NO_ERROR equ AL_FALSE AL_INVALID_NAME equ 0A001h AL_ILLEGAL_ENUM equ 0A002h AL_INVALID_ENUM equ 0A002h AL_INVALID_VALUE equ 0A003h AL_ILLEGAL_COMMAND equ 0A004h AL_INVALID_OPERATION equ 0A004h AL_OUT_OF_MEMORY equ 0A005h AL_VENDOR equ 0B001h AL_VERSION equ 0B002h AL_RENDERER equ 0B003h AL_EXTENSIONS equ 0B004h AL_DOPPLER_FACTOR equ 0C000h AL_DOPPLER_VELOCITY equ 0C001h AL_SPEED_OF_SOUND equ 0C003h AL_DISTANCE_MODEL equ 0D000h AL_INVERSE_DISTANCE equ 0D001h AL_INVERSE_DISTANCE_CLAMPED equ 0D002h AL_LINEAR_DISTANCE equ 0D003h AL_LINEAR_DISTANCE_CLAMPED equ 0D004h AL_EXPONENT_DISTANCE equ 0D005h AL_EXPONENT_DISTANCE_CLAMPED equ 0D006h alEnable proto C :ALenum alDisable proto C :ALenum alIsEnabled proto C :ALenum alGetString proto C :ALenum alGetBooleanv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetIntegerv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetFloatv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetDoublev proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetBoolean proto C :ALenum alGetInteger proto C :ALenum alGetFloat proto C :ALenum alGetDouble proto C :ALenum alGetError proto C alIsExtensionPresent proto C :LPSTR alGetProcAddress proto C :LPSTR alGetEnumValue proto C :LPSTR alListenerf proto C :ALenum ,:ALfloat alListener3f proto C :ALenum, :ALfloat, :ALfloat, :ALfloat alListenerfv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alListeneri proto C :ALenum, :ALint alListener3i proto C :ALenum, :ALint, :ALint, :ALint alListeneriv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetListenerf proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetListener3f proto C :ALenum, :Pointer, :Pointer, :Pointer alGetListenerfv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetListeneri proto C :ALenum, :Pointer alGetListener3i proto C :ALenum, :Pointer, :Pointer, :Pointer alGetListeneriv proto C :ALenum, :Pointer ; ;/** ; * SOURCE ; * Sources represent individual sound objects in 3D-space. ; * Sources take the PCM data provided in the specified Buffer, ; * apply Source-specific modifications, and then ; * submit them to be mixed according to spatial arrangement etc. ; * ; * Properties include: - ; * ; * Gain AL_GAIN ALfloat ; * Min Gain AL_MIN_GAIN ALfloat ; * Max Gain AL_MAX_GAIN ALfloat ; * Position AL_POSITION ALfloat[3] ; * Velocity AL_VELOCITY ALfloat[3] ; * Direction AL_DIRECTION ALfloat[3] ; * Head Relative Mode AL_SOURCE_RELATIVE ALint (AL_TRUE or AL_FALSE) ; * Reference Distance AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE ALfloat ; * Max Distance AL_MAX_DISTANCE ALfloat ; * RollOff Factor AL_ROLLOFF_FACTOR ALfloat ; * Inner Angle AL_CONE_INNER_ANGLE ALint or ALfloat ; * Outer Angle AL_CONE_OUTER_ANGLE ALint or ALfloat ; * Cone Outer Gain AL_CONE_OUTER_GAIN ALint or ALfloat ; * Pitch AL_PITCH ALfloat ; * Looping AL_LOOPING ALint (AL_TRUE or AL_FALSE) ; * MS Offset AL_MSEC_OFFSET ALint or ALfloat ; * Byte Offset AL_BYTE_OFFSET ALint or ALfloat ; * Sample Offset AL_SAMPLE_OFFSET ALint or ALfloat ; * Attached Buffer AL_BUFFER ALint ; * State (Query only) AL_SOURCE_STATE ALint ; * Buffers Queued (Query only) AL_BUFFERS_QUEUED ALint ; * Buffers Processed (Query only) AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED ALint ; */ alGenSources proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alDeleteSources proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alIsSource proto C :ALuint alSourcef proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALfloat alSource3f proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALfloat, :ALfloat, :ALfloat alSourcefv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alSourcei proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALint alSource3i proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALint, :ALint, :ALint alSourceiv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetSourcef proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetSource3f proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer, :Pointer, :Pointer alGetSourcefv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetSourcei proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetSource3i proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer,:Pointer, :Pointer alGetSourceiv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alSourcePlayv proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alSourceStopv proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alSourceRewindv proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alSourcePausev proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alSourcePlay proto C :ALuint alSourceStop proto C :ALuint alSourceRewind proto C :ALuint alSourcePause proto C :ALuint alSourceQueueBuffers proto C :ALuint, :ALsizei, :Pointer alSourceUnqueueBuffers proto C :ALuint, :ALsizei, :Pointer alGenBuffers proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alDeleteBuffers proto C :ALsizei, :Pointer alIsBuffer proto C :ALuint alBufferData proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer, :ALsizei, :ALsizei alBufferf proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALfloat alBuffer3f proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALfloat, :ALfloat, :ALfloat alBufferfv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alBufferi proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALint alBuffer3i proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :ALint, :ALint, :ALint alBufferiv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetBufferf proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetBuffer3f proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer, :Pointer, :Pointer alGetBufferfv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetBufferi proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alGetBuffer3i proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer, :Pointer, :Pointer alGetBufferiv proto C :ALuint, :ALenum, :Pointer alDopplerFactor proto C :ALfloat alDopplerVelocity proto C :ALfloat alSpeedOfSound proto C :ALfloat alDistanceModel proto C :ALenum