ifndef __POOL__ __POOL equ 1 ;覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 ;This class manages a Pool of arbitrary objects. ;Pooled objects are stored in 'Used' and 'Free' collections, ;which makes it possible to "recycle" objects within the Pool ;without destroying and recreating them and their resources. ;This was written as a BASE CLASS for the NetEngine. ;Two derived classes are built on top of this one. ;Their names are IOJobPool and ClientPool. ;PLEASE NOTE: ;The CreatePooledObject method should be redefined or overridden ;by anything which implements Pooled objects. ;覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 PoolID equ 19192 Object Pool, PoolID, Primer RedefineMethod Init, Pointer,dword ;-> PoolOwner, maxFreeItems RedefineMethod Done VirtualMethod Allocate VirtualMethod Free, Pointer VirtualMethod IsActive, Pointer DynamicAbstract CreatePooledObject Embed Used, Collection Embed Available,Collection DefineVariable maxFreeItems, dword, 256 DefineVariable crit, CRITICAL_SECTION,{<>} ObjectEnd ;覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 if IMPLEMENT Method Pool.Init, uses esi, pOwner, maxFreeItems SetObject esi invoke InitializeCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit ACall Init,pOwner m2m [esi].maxFreeItems,maxFreeItems OCall [esi].Used::Collection.Init, pOwner,10,100,maxFreeItems OCall [esi].Available::Collection.Init, pOwner,10,100,maxFreeItems MethodEnd Method Pool.Done, uses esi SetObject esi invoke DeleteCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit OCall [esi].Used::Collection.Done OCall [esi].Available::Collection.Done MethodEnd Method Pool.IsActive,uses esi,pObject SetObject esi OCall [esi].Used::Collection.IndexOf,pObject .if eax==-1 mov eax,FALSE .else mov eax,TRUE .endif MethodEnd ;This method acquires a resource object, preferably recycled ;BUT DOES NOT INITIALIZE IT Method Pool.Allocate,uses esi LOCAL pNewItem SetObject esi invoke EnterCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit OCall esi.IsActive,0 ;Is there room in the Used Collection? mov eax,[esi].Used.dCount .if eax==[esi].maxFreeItems invoke LeaveCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit xor eax,eax ExitMethod .endif ;Are there any Free items? .if [esi].Available.dCount>0 ;Fetch the last item from the Free Collection mov eax,[esi].Available.dCount dec eax ;<-- last item's index = (#items - 1) mov pNewItem,$OCall ([esi].Available::Collection.ItemAt, eax) ;Merely Remove reference from list, don't destroy item OCall [esi].Available::Collection.Delete,eax .else ;Create a new item mov pNewItem,$OCall (CreatePooledObject) .endif ;Add new item to Used SetObject esi OCall [esi].Used::Collection.Insert,pNewItem invoke LeaveCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit mov eax,pNewItem MethodEnd ;Try to move an IOJob onto the Free collection. ;If theres too many Free we'll destroy it. Method Pool.Free, uses esi, pPooledObject .if pPooledObject!=0 SetObject esi invoke EnterCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit ;Remove IOJob from Used Collection without Destroying it OCall [esi].Used::Collection.Delete,pPooledObject mov eax,[esi].Available.dCount .if eax<[esi].maxFreeItems OCall [esi].Available::Collection.Insert, pPooledObject .else Destroy pPooledObject .endif invoke LeaveCriticalSection,addr [esi].crit .endif MethodEnd endif endif